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It just seems more geared towards families. Plus, it's a major drive from the airport. Originally Posted by Steve-o. Uhhh, I suggest you visit downtown on a Friday night then. Sure there will be families there, but the singles scene there is hard to beat, especially in the suburbs.

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In Naperville, its all confined, pretty much, to the downtown area. Schaumburg's attractions are further spaced out and centered more around the stupid mall. I have to admit, the first time I lived in Naperville, I didn't hang out in the downtown area nearly as much as I should've. But my first summer there, I really did enjoy the river walk and some of the outdoor festivals they have. Now that I have a dog, maybe I'll go there more often. I just want to be sure that I'm not missing out by living up in the Schaumburg area.

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After hearing these comments about Schaumburg and Naperville, I'm wondering if I made a mistake moving out of Naperville. I'm sure the traffic hasn't improved, but the real issue for me was feeling like all the jobs were either in the city or up in Schaumburg. It would be nice if there were more businesses around Naperville. By businesses, I mean ones that provide high-paying jobs to professionals. You'd think with the highly educated people who live there, businesses would want to set up shop and tap into that pool of people. If the jobs were closer and the single scene were better than I remember it, I would move back to Naperville for sure.

Naperville does have high paying jobs. Naperville has high paying jobs, just as many if not more than Schaumburg. Yes, many high paying jobs are in the loop, which is only a 30 min train ride away, but Naperville has plenty of high paying jobs and Oak Brook is only a few minutes away and the whole I corridor has tons of professional jobs.

Naperville has plenty of professional jobs, as does nearby Warrenville. At a recent ChicaGourmets! I don't mind going alone. I usually strike up a conversation with people next to me. Going alone is better than staying home alone, watching TV. Nehmzow said she doesn't dance, so when she goes to a Razzematazz event she plans to just enjoy the music. But lots of people in the older singles group said they enjoy dancing and seek places where they can dance and find dance partners.

Highland Park widower John Holcomb, 80, met Mozell Phillips, 80, of Evanston, who is divorced, at a dance sponsored by Spares, a Chicago-area singles club.

But after meeting and learning the other liked to dance, they developed their relationship, fox trotting, tangoing and waltzing at Dan "Dank" Kanosak's La Classique School of Dance at Elston and Hamlin Avenues every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 4 p. This is a place for us to go and Dank is a good instructor.

Chicagoan Lucille Gustafson, who prefers not to state her age, comes alone but always finds a partner, she said.

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They're very friendly here. Niles septuagenarian Harry Herman usually brings a couple of male friends but once they arrive, they are on their own. On this day he is dancing with Helen Lenz, 74, of Mt. Volunteering is another popular option. And sometimes these opportunities lead to more than friendship. Each recently widowed, the two bumped into each other at a local concert.

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He seemed kind of lost when we talked at the concert. I encouraged him to volunteer at the Garden. He said he sent in an application but didn't hear so I encouraged him to just go to a program. About six months later, September , we married. Back room of club hosts the band Razzematazz, which features s to s swing music, p.

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Volunteers used in many areas, all ages, but mostly retirement age. Judy Cashen at or www. The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations: Several speakers each month on foreign affairs and world issues. A dining club that has members, about 30 percent single; median age about 50; event size usually people. Upcoming events "Midwestern Produce," Jan. A public affairs forum with 1, members; average age 40s. Events held at Maggiano's Banquets, W. Chicago area dance locations at www. A daytime program for mature adults, Northwestern University's Chicago and Evanston campuses; two week sessions through the university's School of Continuing Studies.

Dance sessions include p.