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Fear is an ever-present reality of life for so many women here, yet the Honduran government fails to provide shelters or safe houses. So families in the gravest danger are at the mercy of private charities. The mother tells us no one would ever suggest she testify against the man who raped her, instead they suggest she leave the country.

Honduras outlaws child marriage but it could be a cultural challenge

She says that she believes he had already murdered another woman, but was never arrested for the crime. The family is currently living in hiding in a shelter run by the Irish charity Trocaire , which is helping her family relocate to another, safer country. His latest executive order cuts the number of refugees the U. While so many women are fleeing, Neesa Medina said some young feminists are holding their ground. Other activists have turned to less traditional protest means. Neesa Medina said she still has hope that change will come to Honduras.

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Reporter's notebook: How a look inside Venezuela's crumbling health care system got me kicked out of the country. State Department official appears under subpoena as part of impeachment probe. Maria Butina, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy, lands in Moscow after release from US. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ray Jenkins dies at Former VA secretary speaks out about 'shadow government' under Trump.

Former National Security official asks judge if he must testify in impeachment probe.

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James Comey: House 'has no choice' but to move forward with impeachment inquiry. DeVos held in contempt of court in loan forgiveness dispute. Impeachment inquiry prompts calls for broader protections for whistleblowers. Justice Dept.

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White House looking at potential staff additions to aid impeachment battle: Sources. While the peaceful environment that Carias Andino created allowed for social and economic progress, this was at the price of serious internal repression and kowtowing to powerful foreign interests. From the late s onwards, weak civilian governments prompted the army to assume a greater role, launching several coups.

During the s, Honduras was the main base for the US-backed 'Contra' rebels fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

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Soon after the end of that war in , national elections were held. The s, however, were dominated by the PL, which gained control of the presidency and legislature in and in In , Hurricane Mitch swept violently across Honduras causing devastating damage.

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  6. Welcome to Honduras, the most dangerous country on the planet;
  7. In , following sustained pressure from international bodies including the Organization of American States and the United Nations, democratic general elections were held, resulting in victory for Lobo. Did you know? There are strong Spanish influences, but the majority of the population is mestizo, mainly leading an agricultural way of life with a low standard of living.

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    View offers. Football fan riots kill three as team bus ruined in bitter derby clash Clashing supporters stab and shoot each other as police fire tear gas and match is suspended. Meet the Hondurans trying to forge their own American dream Beyond the Border: In the third part of a series from Honduras, The Independent speaks to Hondurans struggling to create a future in their own country.

    US politics. How climate change and mass migration created a village of women. Inside Honduras — ground zero of the Central American migrant crisis. Honduras provides 'preview of what could happen with abortion in US'. Latin American abortion activists warn against draconian US laws. New migrant caravan travelling to US adding to tensions over border.


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    New migrant caravan 'looking for refuge' forming in Honduras. US will invest billions across Latin America to reduce emigration. Inside the journey Central American migrants are making to the US. These are the migrants Trump is sending troops to the border for. What is the migrant caravan and why is it dominating the US midterms?

    Armed militia groups plan to halt migrants caravan at US border. Trump will send US military to Mexico border to stop migrant caravan. Migrant caravan traveling through Guatemala arrives at Mexico border. Honduran President set to take power in wake of bloody elections.

    Deadly violence breaks out during protests in Honduras. Caribbean struck by huge 7. DEA raid that killed Honduran civilians revealed in dramatic video. Tide of plastic discovered floating off coast of Caribbean island.