I hate my mom dating

Mom laughed and said no. But I absolutely want to sit down with her and have the chance to say something. By the way how old is she? And certainly what you say about his conversations etc. Life is for the living and sometimes for the changing. NO ONE likes him. My mom has a history of picking bad men.

Her current Boyfriend or Best Friend is no exception. My family is very accepting and loving. At our engagement dinner.

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Are we in college? What have we done about it? We said our peace. What else can we do? Wow I can relate also, I feel bad for you. You need to tell your mom how you guys feel, but she might also feel attacked and get defensive about him, especially bc she sounds so into him. Would that upset your mom if your sister were to move out? Maybe thats a wake up call that she needs? Well not glad, but glad you can relate! I think that you are doing the right thing by talking to your mom.

In the end you have to llok out for whats best for your family. Even if your mother doesnt see it now that you are trying to help her she will see it in the future.

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OMG, I could have written your exact post. We were in almost the same situation just as I went off to college and my poor sister was stuck at home. Luckily, after a few years, mom figured it out and broke things off. We were SO relieved. Hang in there, keep politely expressing concern, and most of all, keep supporting your sister.

I hope it gets better! Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.

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Ryansgirl 9 years ago Wedding: I was going to say you should try not to be rude if theyre being nice but im not in your situation, i dont think i would take it that well either. My parents almost got divorced once but i highly doubt my mom would ever date someone else again, and if it was my dad and another girlfriend i had to live with i would be outta there. Thank you for the advice. I really do try to be polite because I honestly do really like them but it always comes out as rude and braty.


NO ONE wants to think of their parents as anything but 'parents'. Funny seeing all these people trying to make such a politically right case out of this when I'm sure they would have done much worse when they were kids themselves. You would feel so ashamed! I feel sorry for your mum but you are a child and too immature to understand adult emotions.

Is it normal that i hate my mom dating?

Your mum deserves a little companionship coz although I'm sure she loves you to bits, she is only human and needs some adult friends. It's normal to be upset over this but you should really try and be nice to the people she dates. Your mom is probably lonely and those guys she dates, probably try really hard to be nice to you. They know how divorced children are. So try and make it easier for your mom and her dates. I understand how you feel. I feel uncomfortable with my mum dating but it's probably for a couple of different reasons.

http://www.newjerseyregenmed.com/wp-content/spotsylvania/qucec-blackburn-dating.php It's hard seeing your mum with someone new and you have to get to know them yourself as well, also there is the chance of it not working out and having to start all over again. It's completely understandable and it takes time to get used to it. But you're not the only one who feels that way, trust me x.

Is it normal that i hate my mom dating? Help us keep this site organized and clean. I'm actually 14 I just said 18 just in case it didn't get through the mods.

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  • If you can't say anything nice, then say nothing at all. It would maybe be better if you stayed out of the way. Turn that frown upside down.